Indians are the most confident travellers in the world- Study

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According to a study by one of the largest online travel agencies in the world,, Indians have become the world’s most self-assured travellers. The travel agency found that Indians are the most ready to go to their preferred places in its APAC Travel Confidence Index.

The research centred on how comfortable a person feels travelling to and discovering new areas following the COVID-19 epidemic. Additionally, it included customer concerns, general comfort levels, and factors that encourage travel. On the list of nations rated by travel confidence, India came out on top, followed by Vietnamese and Chinese in second and third place, respectively.

Despite the COVID-19 limitations and the post-pandemic behavioural shifts, 86% of Indian travellers want to leave the country in the upcoming 12 months. 70% of all travellers from India acknowledge that a variety of limitations may cause their trip to be interrupted. 78% of respondents argued that leisure is crucial while keeping in mind general health and safety. 11,000 travellers from 11 different nations in the Asia-Pacific were taken into account in the survey.

When asked what may prevent them from travelling, 35% of Indians said border controls were the largest hindrance, while 38% and 37% said the expense of the trip and the possibility of having to undergo obligatory quarantine, respectively. 89% of the responders who were Indian were okay with having their travel plans delayed because of COVID-19 instances.

Meanwhile, 87% of Indians questioned expressed support for welcoming tourists and were pleased that their nation has opened its doors to outsiders.