Indian Students

Indian Students Enrolled in Ukraine; allowed to take FMGE


Indian Students who were enrolled in their final year of undergraduate study at a foreign institution but were forced to return because of Covid-19 or Russia-Ukraine work would be allowed to sit the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). Students may practise medicine in India with the FMGE test. For students whose education was impacted, especially those who were enrolled in China, Ukraine, and the Philippines where the majority of them have not been allowed to restart their studies, this has been a huge relief.

“Indian students who were in the last year of their undergraduate medicine course and have subsequently completed their studies as also have been granted a certificate of completion of the course/degree by their respective institute, on or before June 30, 2022, shall be permitted to appear in FMG exam, such foreign medical graduates are required to undergo compulsory rotating medical internship (CRMI) for two years to make up for clinical training which could not be physically attended by them during the undergraduate medicine course in the foreign institute as also familiarise them with the practice of medicine under Indian conditions,” the National Medical Commission (NMC) stated in an official notice.

For the remaining students, the Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship will last another 12 months. According to the NMC, the internship duration has been increased by two years to make up for the clinical training that international medical graduates could not physically attend while enrolled in programmes overseas and to help them get more used to practising medicine in India.

According to NMC regulations, international medical graduates won’t be able to register until they’ve completed the CRMI for two years. According to NMC, the flexibility provided to the international medical students is a “one-time measure” and shouldn’t be taken as a precedent going forward.

Following a directive from the Supreme Court on April 29, the regulating board was given two months to come up with a plan that would allow MBBS students impacted by the epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine war to finish their clinical rotations in local medical institutions.

20,672 Indian students are enrolled in a variety of medical schools and institutions in Ukraine, and they are all receiving their education online. In their affidavit, the NMC stated that the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science had instructed educational institution heads to restart the educational process while guaranteeing the best possible learning environments, taking into account the location of personnel and students.

The MEA has been informed by the Kazakhstani embassy that it is willing to let the students who were evacuated from Ukraine continue their education there. According to the NMC, the Kyrgyz National University has also informed MEA that it is prepared to assist Indian students who have been evacuated from Ukraine and has also volunteered to pay the tuition for about 100 students registered in September 2021 batch who have already paid fees in Ukraine. The NMC informed the Supreme Court that Indian students now have a variety of alternatives for completing their education.