Indian-origin student shot dead during a robbery in America, a relative wounded.

Indian-origin student shot dead during a robbery in America, a relative wounded.

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Washington: A student of Indian origin in America is reported to have been killed during the robbery. Arshad Vohra of Nadiad district of Gujarat was shot dead at Clark Gas Station in Dalton, Dalhousia, 30 kilometers from the city of Chicago on Thursday. It is being told that two people were shot while trying to loot inside a shop on behalf of armed robbers, out of which 19-year-old Arshad was also killed and another Indian was injured.

Reports have quoted the relative of Vohra’s relatives who work at the gas station, that during the incident, Arshad came to bring gas for his family. In this incident, a 55-year-old family of Vohra has also been injured, who also works at that gas station. His condition is being reported seriously and he has been admitted to the hospital.

It is being told that according to local time, the event is Thursday at 11 o’clock. According to the report, investigators will look at the CCTV cameras to know the realities of this incident. It is also being said that the gas station is run by the family only. Please tell that this student of Indian origin is the latest victim of violence due to guns in America.

CBS News reported in the report that the suspect was absconding. No arrest has been made so far. A prize of US $ 12,000 has been given to help solve the case.

Karunakara Karagale was murdered during a robbery in Ohio on December 15. A 30-year-old Indian student studying Masters in Chicago was seriously injured in an attack by an unknown assailant.

India’s software engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla had shot and killed a former US Navy employee in February. The accused had told Srinivas and his friend that they should go back to their country.

A few weeks after that, a man wearing a mask in Kent, in Washington, was shot in the hands of a Sikh man. The accused had asked the Sikh person to go to ‘his country’. According to the ‘Gun Violence Archive’, in the year 2017, 58,491 incidents of violence in the United States occurred in the US, in which 14,763 people were killed and 29,888 were injured.