Indian Navy Day

Indian Navy Day: The country is celebrating Navy Day

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The strength of the Indian Navy is so tremendous and modern that the Navy of Pakistan is not capable of fighting the sea wars. The Indian Navy is among the 10 most powerful navies in the world. Which is the 7th powerful navy of the world. Today is December 4 and the whole country is celebrating Indian Navy Day. On this occasion, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, President, Prime Minister and Home Minister congratulated.

Defense Minister wishes on Indian Navy Day

Rajnath Singh tweeted and wrote, “My best wishes on the occasion of Indian Navy Day 2020 and best wishes to all personnel of this outstanding force. Indian Navy is at the forefront of securing our seas by ensuring maritime security. I am proud of their valour, courage and professionalism I salute you. “

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote that “Happy Navy Day to all our brave naval personnel and their families. The Indian Navy fearlessly protects our shores and also provides humanitarian aid in times of need. We have been blessed by India’s rich maritime for centuries. Remember the tradition too.

While President Ramnath Kovind tweeted, “On Navy Day, my best wishes to our Navy personnel, elders and their families. The nation can protect our maritime borders, secure our trade routes and provide assistance in times of civil emergencies.” Proud of your commitment. Can you ever rule the water? Jai Hind! “

At the same time, Home Minister Amit Shah wrote that “On Navy Day, I heartily congratulate all our courageous personnel of the Indian Navy and their families. India is unwavering in its unwavering commitment to protect our maritime borders and serve the nation during disasters.” Proud of our formidable blue water army. “

Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said at the press conference that the Indian Navy is full ‘Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive-Force’, that is, a reliable and powerful force ready to fight the war. Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December. Naval jabbers are remembered on this day. Navy Day is celebrated as a celebration of the victory of the Indian Navy in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. On 3 December, our airspace and border area were attacked by the Pakistani Army.

Strength of the Navy

Today, the Indian Navy has a fighter aircraft carrying INS Vikramaditya. The Indian Navy also has destroyers, frigates, combat ships, guard ships, nuclear submarines, along with other submarines, destroyers, warships, petrol and coastal ships, and combat-equipped aircraft. There are about 70 thousand soldiers in the Navy, including the Marines and Naval Aviation Staff.

The Pakistani Navy does not stand anywhere in front of the powerful and modern armed Indian Navy. The Pakistani Navy’s combat fleet consists of 9 warships, 8 submarines, 17 petrol and coastal ships, and 8 combat aircraft.

Indian Navy is the protector of the maritime border

The Indian Navy has a fleet of very attractive ships, submarines, aircraft. The Indian Navy keeps a close watch on several kilometres of the maritime border of the country. Many powerful warships and submarines in the Indian Navy are capable of destroying their targets at any time.

India’s first nuclear indigenous submarine INS Arihant has also completed its patrolling. The navy that has more submarines, the more powerful it is. The Indian Navy’s combat fleet includes a Scorpene-class submarine-like INS Kalvari, INS Arihant, INS Khanderi, INS Sindhughosh, INS Chakra-2, INS Karanj. All these submarines are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and are adept at dodging the enemy. Not only this, but it is also capable of targeting its targets through laser-guided weapons. This submarine can attack underwater and on the surface via torpedoes, anti-ship missiles. INS Chakra-2 is the largest strength submarine of the Indian Navy. Which no submarine of Pakistan can compete with. At the same time, India also has an INS Arihant nuclear submarine. With this, nuclear missiles can be fired from under the sea.

Indian Navy has a supersonic missile

The Indian Navy has a BrahMos missile, which is unique in that it is a supersonic missile that is the fastest underwater sea missile. No country in the world has this missile.

The Indian Naval Academy in Kerala is the largest academy not only in India but in Asia. The INA also has a 7-kilometre beach that is for only to train the marines. The Indian Navy also has its own commando force, which is MARCOS or Marine Commandos. There are highly trusted commandos of the Indian Navy who are sent on the most challenging missions. Overall, Pakistan is a laggard even ahead of the strength of the Indian Navy.

If Pakistan dares to attack India in future. So Pakistan will get a befitting reply. There will be no other option but to give up in front of Pakistan in front of the land, water and air forces. Pakistan also has a severe shortage of artillery for the war, in which case it cannot last long in front of India.