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Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna Shewakramani talks about how Pradhyuman Maloo was unfairly represented.

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Indian Matchmaking that is streaming on Netflix was a hit and got a great response from its desi audiences. The show is about an Indian Matchmaker Sima Taparia who sets people up.

Aparna Shewakrami has been receiving a lot of hate since the time she was seen on Indian Matchmaking. However, many people thought she had a valid point to feel that way. Ever since the show released on Netflix, Aparna’s life has been a roller coaster.

Aparna was labelled as the villian in the show as the Matchmaker called her “fussy” and said she had very high expectations. According to Aparna, she was portrayed wrongly on the show but not as bad as how Pradhyuman was portrayed.

In a recent video call interview, talking about Pradhyuman, Aparna said, “I have so much respect for him and I believe that his character was portrayed in an unfair light. More so than any other character, even me. I don’t think that marriage is something he needed or thought he needed to fulfil himself and so I would say stay true to that. Stay true to who you are and follow your own path.”

Aparna further said that the editing on the show can change perspectives. “I was definitely shocked at the way it was edited, it showed a very two-dimensional perspective of all of us. They were edited, crafted and sensationalised for TV. My dates lasted for more than an hour and all people saw was a 20-second clip.”

“So, I try not to take things personally and it’s really interesting to see so many viewers invested in a two-dimensional Aparna they think they know. They come at me, reach out to me, giving me therapy and I’m like ‘you watch sound bytes on TV and you believe this to be absolutely true?’ So maybe it’s time to start thinking about how we’re consuming this content that’s so craftily created,” she added.

Apparently, none of the participants on the show ended up together. None of them managed to find suitable partners. Sima Taparia said that she was “disappointed” about it in an interview.