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Indian Doctors saved life of monitor lizard, have done multiple surgeries.

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Monitor Lizard is coming in Lizard species in Mumbai, has been saved by doctors. This Monitor Lizard was brought to the injured in Charni Road area on Friday. Lizard’s face was torn apart and he had multiple fractures in many places. Adult male Monitor Lizard had jawbone infections. After surgery, the infected meat and bone of this big lizard were pulled out.

Animal husbandry specialist Dr. Reena Dev completed this operation. According to Dr. Dev, after the failure of poor dehydration, weak monitor Lizard jaw breaks, necrotic ie rot was created. They say that due to injury in the mouth it seems that Lizard has not eaten anything for more than a week.

Dr. Dev told, “The lower jaw on the one side of Lizard had a deep girth of three inches and the inside of its mouth started to rot badly. Infections in oral cavity and weakening bones can be septicemia. This spreads infection throughout the body. ‘

There is no jawbone on one side of Lizard’s mouth. Dr. Dev said, ‘During the surgery, the rotting bone was removed. This was done to re-position the jaw and to work properly on the rest of the muscles. The same happens in plastic surgery. Now on this side of the jaw he will be unable to catch anything. The purpose of this surgery was not to be cosmetic but to help with eating from the other side of the jaw. ‘

At the moment, Lizard is being fed some way through a tube with the help of saline and painkillers. Range Forest Officer Santosh says that a passer-by informed Monitor Lizard in this condition after giving information to the Forest Helpline.

Pawan Sharma, an organization working for wild animals, says, “It is not a unique thing to find a monitor lizard crawling in this way inside the city. It happens. It is possible that it came out of a drain. Our drains are very helpful for the lives of such reptiles because there is availability of everything in place of temperature, food availability and hiding. ‘ Sharma said that it may also be that someone has kept it illegally as a pet or kept to sell it.