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Indian Army will get the new Safari Storme with Advanced Features, Tata Motors has got ready.

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Tata Motors has made the 1500th unit of Safari Storme SUV for the Indian Army. The company will deliver a total of 3,192 units of Safari Storme GS 800 to the Indian Army. Tata Motors has so far deployed more than 1,300 vehicles to the military. Vernon Noronha, senior vice president (defense and government business) of the company said, “The faith expressed by Tata Motors by the country’s security forces is proof of our tradition and aspiration to serve the country.”

He said that the Tata GS 800 has been designed according to the needs of Indian security forces. The company said that it has supplied more than 1.5 lakh vehicles to the Indian Army and paramilitary forces since 1958. Let us know that for a long time, Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, who has been servicing the Indian Army, has to be replaced by these Safari Storme.

These safari storms made for the Indian Army have made some changes compared to the standard model. Their paint is also different. There are blackout lamps on the front and rear bumpers, which project a horizontal light beam. Overall, these trains made for the Army have been made more robust. The Tata Safari Storme includes hard top, 800 kilograms loading capacity and air conditioning, etc. Tata Motors painted Safari Storme, given to the Army, with a specially matte green color. Chrome is not used in this. Even plastic parts have been painted green, so that they match the body color.

It has footboard and roof rails, two such accessories that are not painted with green. In this Army Editions of Tata Safari, Black and Lamps have been given back and forth. That’s why, in a war-like situation, it can not be seen easily at night. In this model, there are features like Aces, Recovery Hook, Jerichan Fog Lamp, in the campaign of armies. In addition to this it has AC, Power Window. There are six people in it.

Look at the interior, so it has the best underbody safety. Suspension has also been made tremendously. It has high ground clearance, 4 wheel drive and ladder-on-frame chassis. Tata Safari Storme Army Edition has a 2.2 liter, 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine, which generates power of 154 bhp and 400 newtons torque. The engine is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox.