Indian ambassador told China, ensure there is no change in status in Doklam.

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This issue is in the headlines even after months of tension between the armies of India and China in Doklam . Recently, India’s army chief General Bipin Rawat said that Doklam was a disputed area and China was not ready to accept it. Now in China, India’s Ambassador to India Gautam Bambawale has said that interference in relations between India and China for the time being with the military standoff in Doklam was for some time. He further said that ‘maintaining status quo in the border areas is essential for both the countries.’

In an interview to China’s official newspaper Global Times, Bambawala held a clear view on many aspects of bilateral relations. He has recently been appointed the ambassador of India to China. He said that Beijing needs to be sensitive to the concerns of India related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Actually, this corridor passes through POK and India has registered a strong protest against it.

The Indian ambassador said that post-drought, India and China should talk more and have a clear attitude towards each other. The Ambassador from the English newspaper said, “I see Doklam deadlock in a long-term scenario. When you do this, there is only one event in the long history of Doklam. ‘

He further said that the people of India and China and our leaders are quite experienced and intelligent. They are capable of reducing such momentary obstacles in our relations. Significantly, the Chinese and Indian armies were face-to-face on the border in Sikkim sector last year. Indian soldiers prevented a detachment of the road-building Chinese army from working in Doklam. This deadlock ended after two months. However, media reports in the past few days have said that China is building a large scale military base near Doklam.