Indian Air Force Day – Reason and Ways of Celebration

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Indian Air Force is one of the best air force all over the world and the air force of India along with land force and sea force, it is well respected too. In India every year Indian Air Force Day is celebrated with much joy. This day is celebrated on October 8 and this year India is celebrating 88th Air Force Day. The way Indian Air Force Day is celebrated is through a parade and a flypast at Hindon Air Force Base. But this time it is being celebrated while taking care of many safety measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Indian Air Force Day is celebrated?

The reason behind celebrating Indian Air Force Day is that on this date, October 8, the Indian Air Force was officially raised in 1932. The reason behind the formation of the Indian Air Force was to support the Air force of the United Kingdom. And after the use of the Indian Air Force in World War II, it became the Royal Indian Air Force in the year 1940. And after a few years of 1940, that is after India gain independence it was officially made the Indian Air Force. In the starting, the Indian Air Force consisted of only six officers and 19 Hawai Sepoys but now if we see, the Indian Air Force is the world’s fourth-largest in the world.

And since then the Indian Air Force Day was celebrated every year on October 8 but till 2005-06, instead of Hindon Air Force Base as of now, it was celebrated in Palam. The parade and the flypast we used to be in Palam but as per the increasing air traffic, it was shifted from Palam to Hindon Air Force Base. Hindon Air Force Base is known as the place where two squadrons of transport aircraft and a helicopter unit are there along with many other units too.

The flypasts and presentations on the event have customarily displayed the in-administration airplane and frameworks of the Air Force.

Occasions and customs of Air Force Day

The headliner at the Hindon Air Force Base involves a procession by people air heroes. It likewise has an installment service where awards are stuck by the Chief of Air Staff (CAS) on outfits of the individuals who have been announced beneficiaries. Consistently, aside from being broadcast, the occasion is additionally gone to by an enormous number of serving and resigned metal, air fighters, and their families and residents. This year the number of participants will be substantially less because of COVID limitations set up. CAS Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria will survey the procession on Thursday.

The day’s festivals additionally generally incorporate an ‘at home’ gathering facilitated by the CAS, which is gone to by top heads of the legislature and metal. Previous Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal PV Naik (Retd) stated, “Aside from the procession, granting of awards and flypast, one key element of the capacity is the discourse of the Air Force Chief. Where the boss tends to the air fighters as well as the country. In this discourse, the Air Chief addresses the current circumstance and attempts to introduce a guide. It’s daily when valiant people air heroes reaffirm their purpose to secure the country.”

The flypast comprises a presentation of different fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters alongside an aerobatics show. A full dressed practice of the occasion was hung on Tuesday. This year, the Tejas LCA, Mig-29, and 21, and Sukhoi-30 alongside recently accepted Rafale planes will be on the show. It will likewise have helicopters like the Mi17V5, Chinook, Mi-35, ALH Rudra, and Apache and transport airplanes like C-17 Globemaster, C-130, IL-76 Gajraj among others. Suryakiran fixed-wing aerobatic group and Sarang helicopter aerobatic group will likewise be key attractions.

At the Indian Air Force stations the nation over, the occasion is set apart by different capacities including a get-together of IAF veterans from the region and a bada khana for the staff of units positioned. This year, while the social affairs of veterans have been required to be postponed in the vast majority of the developments, different festivals have likewise been downsized because of the pandemic.