India Women vs South Africa Women

India Women vs South Africa Women 5th ODI, Live score

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Welcome to the live update of the fifth ODI between India Women vs South Africa Women from the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow.

India Women vs South Africa Women 5th ODI Live score: India 139-5 in 38.4 overs

India in 38.4 overs: WICKET! Sushma Verma is declared lbw to de Klerk. Getting across the line, the ball hits her low on the cushions and the umpire raises his finger. The wicket-manager is out for a duck and India is battling now.

India 138 for 4 of every 38 overs: Just one run coming from that over. The Batting Powerplay not demonstrating gainful at all for India, hitherto.

India in 37.1 overs: Mithali gets to her 50 of every 78 balls. Persevering, important innings.

India will trust Kaur recuperates soon and gets once more into the centre.

Also, India 137 for 4 out of 37 overs: Three runs and a wicket from that de Klerk over.

India in 36.4 overs: WICKET! de Klerk eliminates Hemalatha, got behind. She never glanced persuading in her visit at the wrinkle. Enormous undertaking in front of the rest to get the hosts to a serious score.

India 134 for 3 out of 36 overs: D Hemalatha gets of the feared zero of her twelfth ball with a solitary.

India will be frustrated to not have Kaur in the centre at the present time, who gave indications of inconvenience during the beverages break when she popped a tablet with the physio in presence. Obviously, the inconvenience was altogether too much for her to proceed.

Time for the Batting Powerplay.

India 132 for 3 out of 35 overs: Just one run from Sekhukhune’s seventh over.

India 131 for 3 of every 34 overs: Kapp floats one down the leg side, Raj gets some bat on it, the ball beats the wicket-attendant and goes for four. Five runs from that over.

India 126 for 3 of every 33 overs: Another calm over, yielding only one run as India indeed begins to reconstruct.

India 125 for 3 of every 32 overs: Just one run coming from the first over after the beverages break.

Worry for India: Harmanpreet Kaur has resigned harmed and strolled off the field. D Hemalatha has joined Raj in the centre. South Africa will be soothed.

These two professionals have steadied India’s innings. Playing risk-free cricket, Raj and Kaur have added 71 runs for the fourth wicket, which has brought India back into the match.

The Batting Powerplay will be in actuality in a couple of overs time and those five overs could be vital, in choosing what direction this inning goes in.

Time for a beverages break.

India 124 for 3 out of 31 overs: WOW! Raj backs that uppish shot from the past done with an on-drive past mid-on toward the beginning of the over. Kaur closes that over with another four, lobbing the ball over the mid-on defender. Nine runs from that Sekhukhune over. India’s innings starting to build up speed gradually.

Heading into the last 20 overs, these two have allowed India to post a serious score.

India 115 for 3 of every 30 overs: Raj gives herself room and lofts the ball over mid-off’s head for four. No defender at long-off and the ball hits the limit rope. Great over for India with eight runs coming from it.

India 107 for 3 of every 29 overs: Three singles from Bosch’s fourth finished.

India 104 for 3 of every 28 overs: 50 run organization among Raj and Kaur. Significant, urgent stand, which has revived the innings, after India lost Raut and Mandhana with hardly a pause in between.

India 100 for 3 out of 27 overs: Bosch gives a delicate full throw on leg stump and Raj utilizes it, putting it adjacent to the mid-on defender for four. First four in quite a while for India. Six runs from that which additionally raised India’s 100.

India 94 for 3 out of 26 overs: Four runs from that Kapp over as India’s score approaches the 100-run mark.

India 90 for 3 out of 25 overs: Just two singles coming from that Sekhukhune over. Two or three overs for the guests.

India 88 for 3 of every 24 overs: A lady over from Kapp to begin her new spell.

Marizanne Kapp is back briefly spelt.

India 88 for 3 of every 23 overs: Sloppy from South Africa! Consecutive misfields, this time from Ismail at mid-on, gives Raj a limit. Six runs coming from that Sekhukhune over. They remain between these two now worth 35 runs.

India 82 for 3 out of 22 overs: A misfield by the cover defender allows Kaur her subsequent limit. Bowing down on one knee, the batswoman strokes the ball towards covers and gets a limit, because of the defender’s mistake. Six runs from that Bosch over.

India 76 for 3 out of 21 overs: Just two runs coming from that over.

India 74 for 3 out of 20 overs: Just a singular run from Bosch’s first finished. This remain among Raj and Kaur has now crossed 20 runs.

Anne Bosch comes into the attack.

India 73 for 3 of every 19 overs: Kaur gets her first limit with a square drive off Klerk. Great a few overs for the Indians. Four runs coming from it.

India 69-3 out of 18 overs: SIX! Raj ventures down the track and lofts one over Shangase’s head and it goes as far as possible. A decent over for India. Nine runs coming from it.

India 60 for 3 out of 17 overs: Ismail’s first over of the new spell goes for two singles. India’s scoring rate is down to a stream.

Ismail is back for another spell.

India 58 for 3 out of 16 overs: Just a wide from that Shangase over, which saw Kaur leap out of them multiple times.

Both Raj and Kaur make them think to do, concerning how they start the reconstruct from here. Losing Raut and Mandhana in practically sequential balls has managed a major blow for the hosts and it is currently up to the experts to save them.

South Africa will want to eliminate one of them soon and uncover India’s unpracticed lower centre request.

Time for a beverages break.

India 57 for 3 out of 15 overs: This is a decent stage for South Africa. They have taken two wickets and slowed down the Indian scoring rate. Only two coming from that over.

India 55 for 3 of every 14 overs: Tidy over from Sekhukhune. Only two runs coming from it.

The captain Raj and bad habit skipper Kaur have traded batting positions and have a genuine errand on their hands in revamping this innings for their side. South Africa will be totally cheerful at this stage.

India 53 for 3 of every 13 overs: The wicket and a wide coming from that Sekhukhune over.

India in 12.1 overs: WICKET! Mandhana falls right away. A short ball from Sekhukhune and the southpaw pulls the ball directly to du Preez at the mid-wicket limit. The hosts in a tough situation.

India 52 for 2 out of 12 overs: WICKET! Raut falls right on time for India. She goes for the range, the ball takes the top edge and it is gotten by de Klerk at fine leg. Gigantic blow for the Indians and a similarly large fillip for South Africa.

Bowling change for SA and first indications of twist. Nondumiso Shangase comes in for a bowl.

India 43 for 1 out of 11 overs: Economical over from de Klerk, with only three runs coming from it.

And, India 40 for 1 out of 10 overs: Five runs from Kapp’s fifth over closes the opening Powerplay. India will be happy with the beginning.

India 35 for 1 out of 9 overs: A lady over from de Klerk.

Now, India 35 for 1 out of 8 overs: Raut misguided with a four through point and that is trailed by five specks.

India 31 for 1 out of 7 overs: Six runs from that Ismail over closes with one more four for Mandhana.

India 25-1 out of 6 overs: Punia glanced promising in her short stay in the centre, yet was fixed by Kapp. The absence of feet development from her in her excusal was disturbing.

The in-structure Punam Raut strolls in at 3.

India in 6 overs: WICKET! Kapp gets Punia. An approaching conveyance whips the player all finishes and thumps her stumps off.

India 25 for 0 of every 5 overs: A dirty limit for Punia as an approaching conveyance from Ismail takes within the edge and flees for four. A couple of balls later, a rising conveyance finds Punia napping, she arranges it, but awkwardly and luckily for her, the ball tumbles to the ground. After an assessment from the physio, Punia resumes her innings.

India 16 for 0 of every 4 overs: A limit off the main ball from Punia, trailed by five-spot balls from Kapp’s second finished.

India 12 for 0 out of 3 overs: A flawless cut shot from Mandhana gives her the first limit of the innings. The southpaw had a close to escape of the accompanying ball, as a confounded force fell just short of the defender at short-midwicket. Profitable over for India. 6 runs coming from it.

India 6 for 0 out of 2 overs: Marizanne Kapp imparts the new ball to Ismail and starts neatly with only one run coming from her first finished.

India 5 for 0 of every 1 over Punia gets India looking great so far with a limit from the absolute first chunk of the game. Simply a solitary and four specks from the remainder of the over.

Smriti Mandhana and Priya Punia will open for India. Shabnim Ismail to open the bowling for South Africa.

C Pratyusha makes her introduction in this game for India.

Toss: South Africa has won the toss and picked to the field.

Teams: India XI: Mithali Raj (captain), Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut, Sushma Verma (wk), C Pratyusha, D Hemalatha, Priya Punia, Jhulan Goswami, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Monica Patel

SA XI: Sune Luus (captain), Laura Wolvaardt, Mignon du Preez, Lara Goodall, Anneke Bosch, Marizane Kapp, Sinalo Jafta (wk), Shabnim Ismail, Nadine de Klerk, Nondumiso Shangase, Tumi Sekhukhune

Pitch report: Amol Muzumdar figures this surface could be a magnificent one to bat on. Snehal Pradhan figures there could be helpful for the quick bowlers in the early overs.

India rolls out four improvements to the group that lost the fourth ODI: Incomes Jhulan Goswami, C Pratyusha and D Hemalatha and Monica Patel for Mansi Joshi, Radha Yadav and Deepti Sharma and Poonam Yadav.

South Africa has rolled out two improvements from the group that won the fourth ODI: Sune Luus and Nadine de Klerk come in for Lizelle Lee and Ayabonga Khaka

Toss: South Africa has won the toss and elected to field.

Teams: India XI: Mithali Raj (skipper), Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut, Sushma Verma (wk), C Pratyusha, D Hemalatha, Priya Punia, Jhulan Goswami, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Monica Patel

SA XI: Sune Luus (captain), Laura Wolvaardt, Mignon du Preez, Lara Goodall, Anneke Bosch, Marizane Kapp, Sinalo Jafta (w