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India-US relations reached new heights in 2017.

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Modi and Trump have met twice this year, while have talked many times over the phone. After Modi’s visit, Defense Minister Jim Matisse and Tillerson went on tour to India.
Washington: US President Donald Trump completed the electoral promise of being ‘India’s best friend’ within the White House, and in addition, in the year 2017, Indo-US relations reached new heights. India is the only country for which the Trump administration came up with a 100-year plan, the honor does not receive even the top US colleagues.

Important players told in Afghanistan to India
The Trump Administration gave the Asia Pacific region the name of the Hind-Pacific region, but by increasing the restlessness of China, New Delhi has given a bigger role and place throughout the region. At the same time, the US said in clear words that India is an important player in Afghanistan. In his South Asia policy, Trump said that India’s role in restoring peace in war-torn nation is important. This was also the first time that the US President agreed with New Delhi’s stance that terrorism was born from Pakistan. President Trump has recently released its first national security strategy in which India is described as a ‘leading global force’.

2017 important year for US-India relations proved
US Deputy Foreign Minister Tom Wajada, in charge of the South and Central Asia bureau said, “2017 is a significant year for US-India relations. In the year 2017, our bilateral relations with our common interests and goals are focused on what we can do together to promote peace and security around the world, especially in the Hind-Pacific region, in the fight against terrorist threats, our defense and To strengthen security relations, free and promote mutual trade and increase energy connections. He said that as President Trump had said during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington that the relationship between India and America was far stronger, far better than before.

India’s stand on OROB support
The United States has supported India’s stand for the first time on China Forest Belt, One Road Project. In addition, under the leadership of Defense Minister Jim Matisse, the whole administration raised the issue of sovereignty over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which passed through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

Historical twist on June 26
In the first six months of the year for bilateral relations, the officials of both the sides have prepared, especially Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. He made several visits to America or received many White House senior officials. But this year, the new and historical turning point in bilateral relations came on June 26 when Prime Minister Modi called on Trump in the White House.

Prove that America’s partnership with India is the priority of both sides
Modi and Trump have met twice this year, while have talked many times over the phone. After Modi’s visit, Defense Minister Jim Matisse and Tillerson went on tour to India. “Our army proved its ability to work together once again through the Malabar naval exercise in Chennai,” said Vajda. Our armies in Washington, through their war practice campaign, refine their skills in counter-terrorism and insurgency operations. Richard Verma, former US Ambassador to India, said, “This year it has been proved that America’s partnership is a priority for both sides.”