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India to reconsider purchase of Spike missile with Israel.

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New Delhi, The Indian government is preparing to buy ‘Spike’ missile from Israel. This missile will help in increasing the army’s anti-tank capability against Pakistan. A person connected with this matter has informed about this.

If the report of printed in Bloomberg is believed, the Defense Research and Development Organization is preparing to make indigenous anti-tank missiles in the coming three years, but the army wants to buy a spike missile to eliminate the gap. The offer for this purchase is at its fairly advanced stage. Sources said that the government is waiting for this proposal.

The source said that the order of the anti-tank guided missile has been prepared by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited. Given the requirements of the Army, the decision to purchase this missile can be taken this year.

A spokesman for Rafael’s Israel-based office has confirmed that this potential deal is being discussed, but until the deal is signed, it does not want to say anything on it.

After a long discussion and consideration, India had decided to cancel the deal of about Rs 3,358 crore in January 2018. India had decided to cancel the deal after the promise of DRDO, which stated that it would soon give 8000 anti-tank missiles according to the requirements of Army.

The DRDO promised to provide an anti-tank missile made in India by the end of 2018. As soon as its trial succeeds, by 2021, a large number of production will start.