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India State Elections: Gujrat & Himachal Election Result,BJP Won once again.

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The BJP has hoisted the victory mark in two states. Moving towards victory in Gujarat and Himachal, the BJP again reversed the Congress’s intentions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah’s efficient strategy have brought the Congress closer to one more defeat in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh checkers. In the Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat, where the BJP has almost come close to forming the government for the sixth time, people of Himachal Pradesh seem to be ousting the ruling party from power as per their tradition.

After this big victory, PM Modi reached party headquarters in the evening. He was welcomed here During this, PM Modi addressed the workers and said that firstly I bow to the people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. They chose the path of development The way of development will solve the problems of public. If India has to go ahead in the era of global competition today, India will have to overcome new heights of development.

Insistence of intellectuals of the country

The PM said that when the elections of the metropolitan municipality were going on in Uttar Pradesh, it was being loud that it was being said that due to GST the BJP will end in UP cities. This kind of rumors were prevalent even before the Gujarat elections. In the last few days in Maharashtra, after the GST elections, elections were held, BJP got support there too. Modi said that I urge the intellectuals who want good for the country, who we sit here and assess the common man of the country. Go to the wrong direction. This does not help those who think of this type of thinking. The area and the public are not thought to be good. There is often a loss of the country.

Ready for country reformation

He said that the country is ready for reformation. These elections are continuously showing. In the democracy, the work of government is accounted for. Today the expectations in the middle class, especially in the middle of the country, are expected to meet soon. Earlier governments did not expect the common man’s mind in this country. I used to say let’s do it. Today, the common man of the country is taking new hope and new dreams. The manner in which Himachal Pradesh showed results, they provide proof that if the development does not happen, if you are involved in wrongful deeds, wrong work is your priority, then after five years, the public does not accept you.

People of Himachal gave positive vote

The people of Himachal Pradesh have given a positive vote, have voted for development. Gujarat’s election is unprecedented in the history of BJP, in today’s atmosphere, if any government comes to win again after five years, its victory is seen as a very big win. Editorials are written. It has been seen as a huge event for political analysts of India, winning the re-election of the government for the last 30 years.

Constantly winning such a win just got on the issue of development

PM said that Gujarat is an exception. In 1990, BJP got 67 seats. We made the government Later, the Congress formed the government by subversion. In 95 we fought alone, we won victory in 121 seats. Live in 98, Live in 2002, Live in 2007, Live in 2012. Wins every Lok Sabha, Legislative Assembly. Constantly winning so much and just and just win on the issue of development. There is a truth about showing a new direction in the politics of Hindustan. The people of Gujarat have given permission by stamping it.

Double happiness for me
PM said that it is a matter of double happiness for me in Gujarat. If there has been a prince for a long time, there is talk of decline after the departure from there. The comparison starts. Where is Modi? But today I am happy that after leaving Gujarat three and a half years ago, the way workers have been handled in Gujarat, they have given leadership, this is a double happiness environment for me. My colleagues will not lack any development in Gujarat. Therefore, I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations to the leaders of Gujarat BJP, workers.

Development was also junky

I also want to request the people of Gujarat. The attacks were going on all four sides. The storm of publicity was going on. The Congress only looked like it was in the field, so much power was started that once it was in Gujarat. What kind of conspiracy was made, tricks were made, in relation to development There can be persecution, but it is never a joke.

Answer to those who questioned the exit poll

PM also responded to those who questioned the exit poll. He said that since the exit poll came, some people were upset. Preparations were being made for three days to reduce the joy. Each one can have his own thoughts. There may also be a number of those who get rid of BJP’s defeat. But if a team is constantly winning, winning on the issue of development, and sometimes it will be the courage to accept this truth, such friends will keep it, so hoping would not be wrong.

Do not act to distract the country from the path of development

There are continuous elections in our country, every election is dyed in a new color. The truth is that after the Lok Sabha election in May 2014 there is an atmosphere of development in this country. The hunger of development is awakening. The priority of governments is made, whether you like the BJP or not, but do not please the country, please do the things to distract from the path of development. The day the BJP loses, celebrate a month-long, the country will not be harmed. But when the country is cooperating with the mantra of development, it will be said that the opportunity has come that there is a government in which there is strength to take decisions.

My 30 years have been consumed to extract the poison of racism

The PM said that 30 years ago, the poison of casteism had been put in such an interest, after consuming it, it was consumed by 30 years of lakhs of workers like me. Then he turned out to be a casteism. With all, let’s go towards the direction of development and development, where we are going ahead, if there is some rest, then complete it, run by the same price. But due to power hunger, some people have not come to criticize anyone in this election, but I want to tell Gujarat that efforts have been made to re-sow the seeds of caste in the last few months, which the people of Gujarat refused. is. But the people of Gujarat will have to be more vigilant than before.

Six and six crore Gujaratiis are one, they are good

I am daring to say to the people of Gujarat even after this victory that people of my beloved Gujarat, sixty and six crore Gujaratis are one, are good. We are going to walk with the confidence of moving forward. Leave what happened, forget who did it. Again, bondage in the bondage of unity. One brother can not separate us from us. One Gujarati can not separate us from us. Some people played the game. They will not leave their actions, so take the mantra of unity and go to meet all the society. Gujarat is not alone, the country gets benefit of its development. States need development for the country.Gujarat like states have greater responsibility.

This win is unusual

At the end of the speech, the PM said that this victory is not normal, it is unusual. It is the motivation of the Chairman, President, Strategist, President, recognizing the strength of every worker and connecting him to achieve this, that our victory journey has continued. Having 30 consecutive years of victory is a big event for the whole world.