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India replied to america, increase import duty on 30 products.

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India has eliminated the exemption on import of 30 products against the imposition of additional duty on certain goods from the United States. In this regard, the World Trade Organization has also been given information from India. In a letter to the World Trade Organization on June 14, India has clarified that the exemption on the imports from the US will only be in proportion to the duty imposed on India’s products.

India has decided to increase duty on more than 800 cc capacity bikes, fresh apples and almonds 30 products. A senior officer said that this action has been taken in response to the increase in duty on imports of steel and aluminum from India on behalf of the United States. According to the new decision, now more than 800 cc imported from the US will be 50% duty on bikes, 20% on almonds, 20% on groundnuts and 25% duty on apples.

“This is the first time when India has responded against the United States and has increased duty on imports,” said an official with full information on the matter. Duty enhanced by India will be effective from June 21. India estimates that with the increase in duty, it will be able to get revenue of US $ 238.09 million.