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India in the United Nations, ‘Kashmir is an integral part of India’.

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Washington, After referring to Kashmir in the discussion of the UN General Assembly by the Pakistani ambassador, India made it clear to Pakistan that irrespective of how many hollow arguments they give, it can not change the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. In the United Nations, Pakistan’s Ambassador Malliha Lodi said during a discussion on the issue of ‘Genocide, war crimes, ethnic violence and the responsibility of preventing and protecting crime against humanity’ in the General Assembly on Monday, that Kashmir was like murder and genocide The sites involved in crimes are involved.

Under the jurisdiction of India, India registered a strong protest against the 193-member UN body being referred by Pakistan to Kashmir. Under the jurisdiction of India, The Secretary of India Sandeep Kumar replied in the United Nations.

He said, “At such a time when the issue which is important for everyone is being discussed for the first time in the last decade, in this way we have seen that a representative has again given a wrong reference to the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir The platform is misused. ‘

Sandeep said that in the past, Pakistan’s untested efforts to raise Kashmir issue in the United States have failed and have not received any support. He said, “I would like to include this thing in the record that Jammu and Kashmir State is integral and monolithic part of India. No hollow argument of Pakistan can change this reality.