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India has voted against the Maldives in the UN, also ensuring that will lose.

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Did India vote for the Maldives or Indonesia in the recent election for the temporary seat of the UN Security Council? Now the answer has been found. The Maldives continued to claim support for India but it is being said that the government voted against it. Diplomatic sources told that India not only voted in Indonesia’s favor, but also ensured that the performance of its neighboring Maldives in the Indian Ocean was fading.

Eventually, for the Asia-Pacific Seat, Indonesia wins the Maldives by winning big margins. In the elections held on June 8, the Maldives received support from only 46 countries, while Indonesia got the support of 144 countries. Detailed information shows that India not only voted against the Maldives, but also ensured that its base of small island countries also weakened. The impact of this is that the last Telly of the Maldives is significantly below its expectations.

Many countries did not vote for the Maldives just because India had given signs of support to Indonesia. Although once Maldives claimed that 60 countries had support in writing, more than 30 countries have spoken of verbally voting.

First penalty action against the Maldives

India had also spoken of supporting Maldives earlier, but this move is being seen as the first punitive action against the Maldives. Indeed, in the time of President Abdullah Yameen, the Maldives is working against India’s security interests in the Indian Ocean. Some decisions of the Maldives have also passed on to India. Two helicopters gifted by India have asked Maldives to withdraw from the end of June. At the same time, officials have been instructed to stop work permits for Indians.

In India, the ambassador of the Maldives Ahmad Mohammad continued to claim support for India. He had told the Times of India that India has given assurances to give written support to the Maldives. On the other hand, before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jakarta, Indonesia had sought support from India. Last week, India had targeted the Yemen government to punish the political prisoners of the trial without breaking the silence on the Maldives political situation.