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India got status as NATO countries, exemptions in key defense relations.

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The US Parliament has approved India’s offer of equal status to NATO countries. Now in the case of defense relations, the US will deal with India on the lines of its NATO affiliates, Israel and South Korea. The National Defense Authorization Act was approved by the US Senate last week for the financial year 2020. Now the proposal for amendment in this bill has also been approved. A bill introduced by Senator John and Mark Warner said that there was a need to work on humanitarian cooperation with India, the struggle against terror, counter-piracy and maritime security in the Indian Ocean.

After passing the bill, the Hindu American Foundation congratulated Senator John and Warner. Sameer Kalra, MD of the Hindu American Foundation said, “It is very important to bring India above the status of non-NATO status. This is the beginning of unprecedented relations between India and America. In a program organized by the Hindu America Foundation, Sherman said that it is extremely important that we have understood the importance of relations between America and India.

America had treated India as a major defense partner in 2016. This status means that India can purchase more aggressive and important technology weapons. Just like the countries of America, India can purchase weapons and technology.