India and China’s armies to establish hotline after Modi- Xi talks: Report

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India and China’s armies have agreed to the proposal pending for the pending proposal to set up a hotline between their headquarters after an informal meeting in Wuhan between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping. China’s official media has given this information. Modi had met Xi last week in the two-day unprecedented summit ‘heat to heart’ to “strengthen” India-China relations.

The official daily newspaper Global Times said, “The leaders of the two countries have reportedly agreed to build a hotline between their own military headquarters.” This hotline is considered to be an important step towards creating trust as it will help both the headquarters to increase communication between the border crossing in the 3488-km Line of Actual Control (LAC) to prevent tension and doklam-like impasse. . The Indian army had stopped the Chinese army from doing road construction work in the disputed area last year, after which the demarcation between the forces of both the countries began from June 16 to 73 days for a stalemate.

Bhutan and China claim their claim on Doklam This deadlock ended on 28 August. The hotline is being talked for a long time, but the plan does not move forward on some issues such as the level of hotline in the headquarters. She has also made several major changes in the Chinese army and under his leadership there were major changes in the structure of the command. There are hotline facilities between the Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMO) of India and Pakistan, but in order to operate such a facility in relation to China, the Chinese army will have to identify a designated officer.

China’s military experts said that the hotline would create trust between the two armies. The paper quoted the experts as saying that military confidence between China and India is important for bilateral relations and it demands patience and honesty from both sides. Zhao , director of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, said, “In order to remove the tension between the two countries, the informal summit in Wuhan is a good start, which is the basis for future dialogue and confidence restoration.”

There is a possibility of an annual practice being restored between the two armies. This practice was not done last year due to the Doklam deadlock. India and China had a meeting in Chuxul and Laddakh during which both sides resolved to maintain peace on the Line of Actual Control. This was the first such meeting after the informal summit between Xi and Modi last week.