PM Modi Speech Highlights: On Independence Day 2018, Highlights of PM Narendra Modi Speech

Independence Day: 10 Big things of PM Modi’s speech from Red Fort.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country with the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 72nd Independence Day. This speech was also special because it was the last speech of his first term as prime minister. On this occasion the PM said the country is full of confidence. Learn, 10 big things about this special speech of PM Modi .

1. PM Modi said that scientists of the country have left more than 100 satellites. Now the country has the goal of going into space, including human. Any citizen of India will go into space in the 75th year of independence or before 2022. They will have a tricolor in their hands. With this, India will become a country to bring human into space.

2. The Central Government is going to introduce Health Scheme. 10 million families will get treatment up to five lakh rupees. In the next 5 to 6 weeks, this technique will be started in the country. During the test, its shortcomings will be removed. After this, on 25th September the Prime Minister’s Public Health Campaign will begin on the birth anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal. This will give poor and cheap treatment to the poor and a large number of hospitals will be built and people will get employment. This plan will benefit about 50 crore people.

3. Preparations are being made to get the long pending Panchayat and Body elections too soon to strengthen democratic units in Jammu and Kashmir. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was called for Jammu and Kashmir- Humansit, Kashmiri, Jamururi. I have also said that, every problem of Jammu and Kashmir can be done only by embracing the solution. Our government is committed to the development of all the regions and all sections of Jammu and Kashmir.

4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his resolve not to forgive the corrupt and black-doers. He said that his government freed the corridors of power from the brokers and traced fake beneficiaries, saving 90 thousand crore rupees. Modi thanked honest taxpayers for contributing to the development of the country. Modi said, ‘Those who make corruption and those who are blackmail will not be left. Those people have harmed the country.Modi further said ‘Delhi corridors are now free from the power brokers. At one time the list of the brokers of power was heard, but now the voice of the poor is heard.

5. We have the power to take strong decisions, because nationwide is paramount for us. When the people are enthusiastic, the intention of doing something for the country, then the law of unknown property is also applicable. India’s economy is developing very fast. Northeast India is also joining the development of the country. In four years, North East has brought India together.

6. Due to the misuse of three divorces, Muslim women have faced injustice. The government is trying to put an end to it, but some people are not allowing three divorce bills to pass. I assure Muslim women and daughters that they will not leave any sort of problem in getting justice.

7. The constitution that Baba Saheb has made gives justice to everyone. We have ensured social justice for all. The recently concluded Parliament’s monsoon session was committed towards social justice. In this session of Parliament, the bill to make the OBC Commission is passed.

8. The sufferings of rape victim’s daughter are millions of times. The country will have to be liberated from this monstrous mentality. In the past, the rape victims in Madhya Pradesh’s Katni have been sentenced in five days. This is what happened in Rajasthan and the mentality of the demonic instinct has been awarded for hanging. We have to propagate it and attack this distortion. The rule of law should be. The rule of law is supreme and no one has the right to take law into its own hands.

9. If walking in the pace of 2013 to build a toilet, then how many decades might it have passed? If we talk of providing electricity in the village, then think based on the basis of 2013, then it will take two decades more. If working in optical fiber at the pace of 2013, generations would have gone out in the villages.

10. The speed at which gas connection was being given in 2013, if there was only the old speed, then gas connections could not reach even in every home of the country for years. The country is producing record food today. Skill development is working fast. Expectations from our country are very high. We will move forward with big goals.