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IND VS SL: The fastest century in T20, made by Rohit Sharma. Demonstration of fast batting.

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Indore: On the Holkar stadium of Indore, the other Twenty20 against Sri Lanka in the second T20 will be Rohit Sharma’s bat with the bat But in this match, Rohit Sharma has done that, who can do only one batsman before him. In the Holkar stadium, Rohit Sharma’s bat said such attack on the Lankan bowlers that Sri Lanka’s Graeme Smith and Graeme Smith got up. Rohit Sharma became the King of T-20 with this feat.

Rohit Sharma, first of all, with his pyrotechnics, beat the record of KL Rahul, which he had made last year. Rahu then hit a century against the West Indies in only 46 balls in T20. But today Rohit took away this record from Rahul’s ‘eyes front’.

But millions of Indian cricket fans were relieved when Agello Mathews was going to hit the second ball of the 11th over. Ritika, wife of Rohit Sharma, along with cricket lovers was praying and lifting her hands. The reason was that the lobby of being a king stood in front of me. And this second ball did not go by Rohit Sharma and with the help of four, he made a record of becoming the fastest T20 in T20.

Before that, South Africa’s David Miller had made the fastest century of the T20 against Bangladesh just 35 balls against Bangladesh last year, but Rohit also played his 35th ball with a four and a century in the form of ‘King’. Rohit Sharma was 97 on the front. If he also took a run on this ball, then he could not record the record of David Miller.

Rohit’s batting in Today’s T20 match with Sri Lanka…

Rohit’s had scored in innings today:
0 0 4 0 4 0 / 1 / 1 / 6 0 1 / 4 0 4 6 1 / 1 4 1 / 4 4 1 / 6 6 4 4 / 1 1 4/ 0 6 6 6 6 / 4 0 0 0 1 / 6 4 6 w

118 runs off 43 balls:
10 sixes, 12 fours, 10 singles, 11 dots