Global warming, Fierce flooding

Increasing threat of global warming, 20 years of fierce floods will hit.

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According to the way global warming is showing its effect, in the next 20 years, many areas of America, India, and Africa will be in grave floods.
Berlin: Currently, global warming has become one of the world’s biggest crises. Scientists and researchers are constantly warning about current and upcoming side effects and are also advised to take appropriate steps to avoid this. Another study has been revealed in this episode, in which a dire situation has been warned.
Researchers say that in the next 20 years, according to the way global warming is showing its impact, in most parts of the US, many areas of India, Africa and Central Europe will be in grave floods. This will affect life on a large scale and will lead to economic and social crisis.

According to researchers, we are still facing many of the consequences of global warming. One of them is floods in the rivers. This new study has been done by the scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PKK) in Germany to know the broad level of this disaster.
It has been observed that by the year 2040, the boom in the rivers will increase, resulting in many cities and areas facing grip.

Need to increase security level

Researchers have warned that millions of people around the world will be affected by the flood due to floods. According to a study published in a journal called Sense Advance, researcher Sven Wilner of the PIC, a leading author and PIC, says that if this is to be avoided in the coming two decades, then America should at least double its security level. Is required. The biggest impact of this is to fall. Therefore, it would be better to start taking appropriate steps for this.

Advice to take these steps

Researchers have also advised to take some necessary steps. Under this, improvement in river management, stricter building standards, arrangements for transfer of settlements from hazardous places, etc. are some such steps, which can reduce the effect of this disaster somewhat.

So many people will be affected

Researchers have estimated that the number of those affected by floods in North America can increase up to 10 million. At first glance, this figure does not look very big, but the number of this number can not be denied even by 10x. Apart from this, 60 million to 12 million people in South America, 2 million to 350 million in Africa and around 7 crore to 15 million people in Asia will be affected by it. However these are only the initial estimates. There is also a possibility of these figures being huge.

After analyzing the facts gathered from various sources, researchers have released the above figures. According to Villanar, the accuracy of these data can not be confirmed exactly. This is a rough estimate. The crisis can be much bigger or worse than this.

Here’s the effect
Researchers found in the study that its worst effect would be on the US. Apart from this large areas of India, Africa, Indonesia and Central Europe will also be affected by this. Therefore, these areas need to be optimized.