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Increasing the power of Xi in China, is a bad news for India.

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With the decision to terminate the term for the presidency in China, the direction of Xi Jinping has remained clear for a long time. This will lead to the Road Initiative (BRI) and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which India has been opposing.

The Communist Party of China gave an indication of the decision to terminate the President’s term of two terms at the same time, when she was elected President for the second term in October last year. The ideas of Xi Jinping are included in the Chinese constitution with Mao and Deng Xiaoping. Xi will also get unlimited powers, with her being elected president for an Unlimited Term. In such a situation, China can demonstrate its power on foreign policy or the Indo-Pacific or Indian Ocean region and the LOC, thereby posing a threat to India’s security.

64-year-old She too can rule over life like Mao. It will have a profound effect on Asia’s politics, where India is an emerging power. The possibility of a collision of India and China will also increase. The chairman of the Central Military Commission can equip China’s army with modern weapons. Xi is interested in fulfilling key infrastructure projects in Asia, Africa and Europe under BRI. China’s goal is to increase its influence in the world through economic skill. However, many countries including India have expressed concern about the BRI. Actually, this project is not only expected to relieve the debt of the respective countries but also the safety concerns of BRI can increase.

China’s flagship program is under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor BRI. This is a matter of additional concern for India as it violates the country’s universality. Given the absolute power of Xi Jinping, the friendship of China-Pakistan will continue, which has already become a challenge for India. Many experts believe that the way Pakistan’s economy is dependent on China, it is not good. After Xi Jinping gets unlimited power, China will try to increase interference in neighboring countries of India. In such a situation, India will have to work hard to maintain its relationship with these countries.