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Increased demand in Chinese make-up industry In the last five years Pakistan has sold million value of human hair to China.

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Pakistan has exported one lakh kilograms of human hair in China for the last five years, worth about Rs 94 lakh. In fact, the demand for human hair is increasing as the make-up industry is developing in China. China is importing human hairstyles due to the decline in the production of hair accessories locally.

The Ministry of Commerce and Textiles of Pakistan informed the National Assembly that 1,05,461 kg of human hair has been exported to China in the last five years. According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the prestigious beautician M. M. Chauhan points out that the second reason for increasing exports is the increase in the trend of wearing wig in the people. He said that the second reason is the decline in the production of hair accessories at local level in China.

He told that earlier people used to make hair extensions, mustache, beer and wig with hand, but the reputation of local crafts in the Chinese make-up industry has weakened.

Hair collecting
Chauhan explains that the exporters have kept their dustbins in the hair salon. The hair cut of the customers is collected in the bin. Exporter buys hair at a rate of 5,000 or 6,000 rupees per kg. High quality hair is also exported in the United States and Japan as there is a lot of demand in the entertainment world. At present, there is a lot of demand for hair extensions and wig in Pakistan.