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In this country,Govt will take charge to use Facebook and Whatsapp.

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London, Whatsapp, Facebook can be used for free but think that if you have to pay money to use social media platform like Facebook and Whatsapp. Yes, it is true that citizens in one country will have to pay money to use these social media platforms as the government has imposed a disputed tax on social media in that country.

According to reports, African countries Uganda has imposed a tax on the use of social media apps and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Viber in the country. The Government argues that it has taken this step to reinforce the Gossip and Fake News. The new Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill will be implemented in the country from July 1, which will give tax of 200 shillings daily to the use of social media.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni made a change in the social media law in March. For this, he had argued that through social media Gossip and Fake News were spread. He wrote a letter to the Finance Minister and said that the money collected through social media tax will help save the country from Fake News. The Finance Minister has also said that the increase in social media tax will help in reducing the country’s debt.

However, the internet providers of the country do not understand how it will be taxed by the citizens. The government has not yet been able to register all the mobile SIM cards properly. Besides social media, the government has also imposed a 1% tax on mobile money transactions.