North Korea,North Korea nuclear tests

In the year 2018, North Korea will continue to test nuclear power.

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In 2018, the campaign to continue its nuclear power will continue. The government media gave this information in a report released on Saturday. CNN told the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) report, “Do not expect any change in their policy.” “The existence of North Korea can not be weakened or denied,” said the report, “As a responsible nuclear power, North Korea crossing all obstacles, freedom and justice Will walk on the road.

The report also provided information about the country’s nuclear achievements during the year 2017. The report said that “As long as the United States and its powers have a nuclear threat, North Korea will continue to expand its nuclear powers in the wake of the possibility of self-defense and the possibility of the attack.”

The report also emphasizes Pyongyang’s new capabilities to attack “America’s major locations”. In addition, North Korea has been described as a “world-class nuclear power”. The report said that North Korea will definitely answer the cruelest declaration of war on behalf of the United States.