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In the US Parliament, the bill to eliminate the maximum limit of countries on the green card is presented.

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In order to amend the US Green Card (permanent residence card) law, two types of two bills have been introduced in Parliament, in which each country has a proposal to end the maximum limit on this card. If these bills are passed, then thousands of Indian professionals awaiting the permanent citizenship (Green Card) of America can benefit. Republican MP Mike Lee and Democratic MP Kamla Harris presented the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act on Wednesday in the Senate.

Another similar bill introduced for Fairness for High Skill Immigrants Act (HR 1044) MPs, Zoe Lofgren and Ken Buck in the House of Representatives. If these bills were passed in Parliament and law became law, then H-1B visa holders will benefit thousands of Indian professionals. Now America gives green card to nearly 1.40 million people every year. However, according to the existing rules, more than 7 percent of the green card can not be given to people of any one of these countries.

Due to this rule, people of more populous countries such as China and India have to wait for decades. While presenting the bill, Harris said, “We are a country of refugees and our strengths have always been inherent in diversity and unity.”

Indian-American Kamla Harris said, “We must eliminate this discrimination against skilled immigrants in every situation so that they do not remain here in a pitiful situation and can contribute to our economy.” Lee said, “Immigrants should not be punished on the basis of their country.”

This bill has got support from many other prestigious organizations including Immigration Voice, Competition US Union, Information Technology Industry Council, Google, WalMart, US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufactures, The Heritage Foundation.