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In the US, a large number of women took up posters on the streets against President Donald Trump.

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In the US against President Donald Trump’s policies and in support of women’s rights, thousands of people performed in the capital city of Washington DC and around 300 other cities in March. According to The Washington Post report, the organizers were expected to get more people in it, such as the people who had come in protest against the next day on January 20, 2017, after taking the oath of President of Trump.

In Saturday’s procession, the number of people just reached thousands. New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and other cities show less of the effect of the show. The main demonstration happened in Freedom Plaza near White House, where the organizers had built a platform near the white House near Pennsylvania Avenue, connecting White House. Many protesters were wearing pink colored woolen cap and posters holding various types of messages were holding.

These include federal fundamental wages, reproductive rights and violence against women, and long-term inactive rights amendments etc. According to the Guardian report, relations between some organizers of March and the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louise Farah khan, however created a controversy, which compared the Jewish people with a termite to them as the mother and father of apartheid.