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In the New York Times, the Trump flashed on an anonymous article printed against him- “Funky”

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Washington, A senior U.S. official has written an article in The New York Times, President Donald Trump became angry at the zip. The article states that the American President is acting in a way that is detrimental to the position of our Republic. Donald Trump described it as treason and cowardice.

In an article titled ‘I’m Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration’, the official said that he and his like-minded colleagues have called upon the President to stop the agenda and their bad trends. In this article without a name and introduction, the author claimed that Trump is facing a test for his presidency, which was never previously done by a modern American president.

The New York Times has identified a writer as a man by tweeting a tweet. The newspaper rarely publishes an anonymous article. The newspaper said that he is not disclosing the name of the senior official of the Trump Administration at the request of the author. The official said, “We want the administration to be successful and believe that many of their policies have already made America safe and prosperous. We believe that our first duty is towards this country and the President is acting in a way that is harmful to our republic. ”

Talks to reporters at Trump Wight House and then on Twitter too fiercely on the newspaper. He said that ‘no name means coward, editorial.’ In a tweet, he sought to expose the identity of the person from The New York Times.
Trump has already told journalist Bob Woodward’s book to be fictional and fabricated.

Trump said on Twitter, “Treason. Is this so-called senior official really or with another fraudulent formula, it’s just the failure of The New York Times. If the cowardly person is definitely, then the time should be handed to the government once for the sake of national security. “White House has demanded the resignation of senior administrative officer who wrote this editorial.