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In the case of poisoning a detective,International pressure on Putin.

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MoscowJust like in the cold war era, international pressure is continuously rising against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the case of poisoning a Russian spy in the UK. US President Donald Trump agrees with his French counterpart Immanuel Macro on the need to take action to make Russia responsible for this matter.

Both the leaders agreed to take action against Russia after the attempt of the assassination of the double agent Sergei Scripple and his daughter, Yulia. White House said on Wednesday after a phone call between Britain and the United States that President Donald Trump has expressed solidarity with England on the use of chemical weapons made by Russians on behalf of other countries in the UK. However this comment came after the congratulations given by Putin to President Putin.

Trump was criticized on the fact that he did not use the toxic substance or mentioned this incident in his statement. The UK and its affiliates say that Russia was behind the attack on Sergei Scripple and his daughter, Yulia. The condition of these two is still fragile. Britain says that the Nervous Agent produced by Russia has been used on them. Moscow rejecting these charges and issued a statement on TV for foreign diplomats. In this, a senior officer appears to be flying Britain’s joke as Russia Phobia.