ISpA launch event: PM Modi claims that the launch of IN-SPACe will help the private space sector

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IN-SPACe, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would help develop the commercial space sector and serve as a single-window independent organization for all space-related programs. PM Modi said at the opening event of the Indian Space Association (ISpA), “The government has also established IN-SPACe to enable private sector participation. It will serve as a single-point of contact for all space-related initiatives. This will help private-sector projects go even faster.”

He believes that we live in an era of exponential innovation, which can only be realized if the government acts as an enabler rather than a handler.

“Today, the government is sharing its knowledge and creating launching pads for businesses. ISRO’s facilities has now been opened to the private sector “he stated

The prime minister said that the space sector will benefit India by providing improved forecasts for farmers, fishermen, environmental monitoring, and natural disaster forecasting.

Because our aim is clear, the country is seeing dramatic reforms now. Aatmanirbhar Bharat is the vision. PM Modi stated, “It is not just a vision; it is a well-thought-out, well-planned integrated economic strategy that would transform India into a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse and a global innovation centre.”

ISpA launch event

PM Modi stated that space technology has the potential to contribute significantly to the nation’s well-being. From launch vehicles to satellites and other space technology, India has it all.

“India is one of the few countries in the world with end-to-end space capacity.” We’ve covered everything from space satellites to launch vehicle applications to interplanetary missions and beyond,” he says.

“In recent years, we have focused not just on the research and development of new technologies, but also on ensuring that they are accessible to the general public. We’ve employed space technology as a critical tool to assure last-mile delivery and transparent governance for the past seven years “The Prime Minister stated.

The ISpA is India’s main industry association for space and satellite firms, and it seeks to represent the sector’s collective voice.

It would engage with all players in the Indian space sector, including the government and its agencies, to advocate for policy changes.
ISpA would help India become self-reliant, technologically advanced, and a prominent actor in the space arena, according to the announcement, echoing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

ISpA is made up of major domestic and international companies with sophisticated space and satellite technology skills.

Larson & Toubro, Nelco (Tata Group), OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries, and Ananth Technology Limited are its founding members. Godrej, Hughes India, Azista-BST Aerospace Private Limited, BEL, Centum Electronics, and Maxar India are other founding members.