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In Pakistan, the singer did not stand to sing, shot fired.

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Karachi, In Pakistan there is now another link between the cruel crimes against women. Where a pregnant singer could not stand to sing, she was shot and killed. Two days after the singer’s murder, the video of this whole sentence has surfaced.

The 24-year-old Samina Samoon, also known as Samina Sindhu, had sang songs at an event in Kanga village. During this program, a person named Tarike Ahmed Jatoi asked Samina to get up for the song. Samina allegedly refused to get up because she was pregnant. But Samina’s denial passed away to Jotoi, who was allegedly intoxicated and murdered Samina and killed him.

However, it has been seen in the video that despite the submission of the samina, it was standing and singing and people were throwing money on them. But they were shot shortly after their stand. This video clip was shared by a human rights activist from Islamabad Kapil Dev on Twitter. The 24-year-old singer was later taken to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. The woman’s husband has demanded to file a double murder case on the accused because she also murdered the unborn child along with the woman. The accused has been arrested and the investigation has started.