Indonesia,blaze kills 15,blaze in oil well

In Indonesia, fire in illegal oil well, 15 deaths.

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Jakarta, In Indonesia, the number of people who died due to fire in an illegal oil well has increased to 15. According to the authorities, many people were also injured in this fierce tragedy. The figure of the dead could rise further in this accident. Photos of the accident show that the flames of fierce fire rising above 70 meters are rising higher than the houses and so far the coconut trees are being kept smaller than them. This horrific incident happened in the Ekeh province of Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

On Wednesday evening, the fire was also being held on Wednesday to fire fire brigade personnel. Many homes have also been devastated in this accident. The head of the local disaster management agency, Shyaharijal Fauji said, “There have been reports of deaths of 15 people so far.” They said, ‘We are still engaged in trying to control the fire. We do not know that there are still some people trapped there or not because we have not been able to reach near the fire.