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Imran Khan said after winning a spectacular victory in Pak elections- I want good relations with India.

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Islamabad, Even during the election campaign in Pakistan, Imran Khan may have shown sharp tone about India but his tunes have changed as soon as he wins. On Thursday, former cricketer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said that it is important for the prosperity of the region that there is a friendship between India and Pakistan. Imran said that if we want to reduce poverty in the area, then we need to increase business with each other. While addressing the people of Pakistan, he also said that he wants to make the dream of law Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a Pakistan of dreams. Imran Khan’s party has won or won the highest number of seats in Pak elections. Official results have not yet been announced.

Tell you that Imran Khan is going to gain power by opposing India and PM Modi. Imran used to call PM Modi as Nawaz Sharif’s friend during campaigning and attack him. In his party’s rallies, there were slogans of ‘Modi who is a man, is a criminal’. Not only that, after the surgical strike of India, Imran had shown a sharp sharpening saying, “I will tell Nawaz Sharif how to answer Modi.” However, now Imran has spoken of friendship with India.

On Thursday, Imran, like other Pak leaders, alleviated Kashmir’s anger. He said that Kashmir is one of the biggest issues between India and Pakistan. Imran said that in the last 30 years, the Kashmiris have suffered a lot, so we should solve the issues sitting on the table (India and Pak). He also said that we understand that India is behind the things happening in Balochistan. Now we have to move beyond this allegation.

He said that if India goes one step further then we are ready to move two steps. During this, Imran said, “I am being presented in the media of India like I am a villain of Bollywood movies. I am a Pakistani who knows most of India because of cricket. ‘

He said that now I have got the chance that I will do the work which I went to do 22 years ago. He said, ‘I came in politics because it started coming down when the country went up. I wanted Pak to be such a country as our leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah thought. ‘ He described this election as historic and said that many people have learned this for him. Imran said that despite the terror, I thank the people of Balochistan for the way they voted. External settlers also came forward and they strengthened our self-confidence.

Imran said – which type of Pakistan they want?
Imran Khan also told Pakistan’s Awam that what kind of Pakistan he wants to make. He said that he wants such a state where the poor even dogs do not starve. He further said that policies for labor, poor farmers and weaker sections will be created.

Imran said that 45 per cent of Pakistani children are suffering from diseases. 2.5 million Pakistani children are away from schools. There are deaths during childbirth, there is no drinking water, so we will work to raise this lower section. Former cricketer said that the country is identified by how its weak and poor segments prevail. For this they also gave examples of China. He said that the money will be worked on the principle of spending money on poor people.

He said that this will be the first government which will not take any political action against anyone. Government institutions will curb corruption Law will be equal to everyone. He said that only after this foreign investment will come, which is the biggest challenge facing Pakistan. He said that today there is huge debt on Pakistan. We will fix the governance system, will do the repairing business and ask for the investments from the settled Pakistanis as the system was not right till date.

Imran will not live in PM House
Taking a dig at former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he said that we will live with simplicity and at least spend the money on ourselves. Do not spend unnecessarily on foreign tours. Imran said that people will save the money of tax and it will be used in the right place. He announced that the school will be run in the PM House. Hotels in the governor’s house will be built so that people’s tax money is better utilized. Along with this, he talked about joining the business community to form a policy. Tax culture will cure and prevent corruption.

China’s first friend on foreign policy referring to China
Speaking on foreign policy, Imran Khan said that Pakistan needs peace and tranquility. We want better relations with neighboring countries. Relate with China and get stronger and we can get maximum benefit from CPEC. He said that in 30 years, 70 percent of people have been taken out of poverty by China, it will be studied. To stop corruption, we will also learn from China.

As a second country, Imran has mentioned Afghanistan. He said that the people of Afghanistan have taken the biggest hurdle in the world. If there is peace in Afghanistan then there will be peace in Pakistan. He said that he wants to have relations that there should be an open border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He further said that we want to have such a relationship with the United States that both countries benefit. There is no balance in relations till now. Imran has resolved to increase relations with Saudi Arabia as Iran and fifth country at number four.