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Importance of relationship with India but firm on sovereign rights: China

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China says that it values ​​good neighbors and friendship with India, but it is also firm about its ‘sovereign rights’, interests and regional integrity. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday claimed that Beijing was tackled with “restraint” with Doklam’s deadlock, which shows how much he values ​​his relationship with India.

In his article published in the Chinese International Studies General, Yi said that due to diplomatic negotiations with New Delhi, India removed its soldiers and weapons from Doklam. The Chinese publication of the Chinese think tank associated with the Ministry of External Affairs is the Chinese Institute of International Studies.

It is worth mentioning that there is a standoff between China and India for 73 days at Dokalam. Bhutan has also made its claim in this. Wang said that China always values ​​the good neighborly relations and friendship with India because we are big neighbors and ancient cultures.

They said, ‘We have settled the issue of the infiltration of Indian Border soldiers in the region of Dong Long (Doklam) of China in our national interest, on a fair basis and with peace. Through diplomatic means, we communicated with the Indian side and removed its equipment and personnel. ‘ He said, ‘It shows that we not only emphasize our relationship with India and emphasize them, but it also demonstrates our honesty and responsibility for regional peace and stability.’