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IMF started the search operation for British and American mountaineers.

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The Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) has launched the Ground Search Expedition for the search of eight climbers missing on the famous Nanda Devi peak of Uttarakhand. In this operation, a 12-member Expert Team has been installed, which is moving towards the accident site by Pindari glacier. The team is expected to reach the accident site on Saturday. Earlier, expressing displeasure at the attitude of the local administration of the IMF, Pithauragarh district administration had sought permission to run a rescue operation. After the permission, the IMF has started the campaign.

Let us know that on May 25, 12 climbers climbing India’s second largest peak Nanda Devi had disappeared after avalanches. Later, 4 British mountaineers were rescued on base camps. A week ago the Indian Air Force had seen 5 bodies in the mountain. The hopes of the missing mountaineers are no longer at all, in such a situation the campaign is underway to bring their dead bodies. The 8 mountaineers who are missing include 4 British, 2 Americans and one Indian and Australian.

The IMF had said that the body which has been seen is on the side of Pindari Glacier and it is almost impossible to reach there by foot at the Nanda Devi East Base camp, hence the expiry of the Pindari side should be launched immediately, for which we were ready. On June 5, Pithoragarh DM and 6th June were requested for Bageshwar DM, but no response was received. As soon as the permission was granted, the IMF launched a Search Expedition immediately.

The missing climbers include Martin Moran, John Malloran, Richard Payne, Rupert Havel, Anthony S., Rachel, Ruth and IMF’s Chetan Pandey. This team was headed by renowned mountaineer Martin Moran. The four survivors were told that the last time they were contacted on Moron’s team on 24th May, they were leaving Nanda Devi East to some other peak. Moran’s eight-member team, at the height of 7,434 meters, was missing during the current Nanda Devi East peak.