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Imam tawhidi says if i come to india the extremist mullahs will go on an emergency vacation to mecca.

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Australia: JNN Imam Mohammad Tawhidi of Australia, who is often targeted by Muslim Imams, is in the limelight and this time about his tweets, They have done some such tweets after one, due to which the mullahs and Muslims can shuffle. In a tweet, he wrote, ‘If I come to India, the fundamentalists will have to go to Mecca on an Emergency Holiday.’
Imam Mohammad Tawhidi of Australia has done some such tweets, so that the mullahs and Muslims can tarnish.
Tweets from Tawhidi seem to want to come to India. He wrote in a tweet, “Do people in India know me, if this tweet of mine is 10 thousand times before January, then I will come back to India in 2018.”
Let us tell you that in Australia there is a foundation named Imam Tawhidi, whose imam is Tawhidi chief. They travel around the world to preach on Islam. For terrorist attacks, he often comes to target all the imams responsible. He has also criticized the Burqa worn by Muslim women. They have also been attacked due to this. Tawhidi is also against Sharia law. From many global forums, he has openly criticized the countries adopting this law.