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IIT Kharagpur calendar debunking Aryan invasion experiencing huge demand

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A new year calendar created by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, is generating a lot of buzzes, particularly on social media. The calendar, which claims to be based on decades of research, is a rebuttal to the ‘Aryan invasion.’

A challenge to history teaching in general, some academics believe it is an attempt to bolster right-wing views, discourage scientific temper, and further ‘saffronise’ education. The IIT’s centre-concerned counter-argument.

The calendar presents twelve pieces of evidence to support three points: “recognition of the Vedic secret,” “reinterpretation of the Indus Valley civilisation,” and “rebuttal to the Aryan invasion storey.” “The established chronology of Indian Civilization and history is uncertain and ambiguous,” says the first page, Initial Evidences.

The September page questions ‘Why an Aryan Invasion narrative was forged? ’, and says, “The colonial conquerors, from the Portuguese to the British, were shocked by the astonishing resemblance between millions of terms visible in Indian languages and others in the European Tree of Linguistics.”

“So they had to build an Indo-European Language system, and further design history of invading in-migration anterior to Buddha, Plato and Lao-Tzu. They argued that the superior Colonial rulers invaded inferior India the second time in the 17th century! ” it added.

Professor Joy Sen, chairwoman of, Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems (CEIKS) (co-producer of the calendar), IIT-Kharagpur, talking to Deccan Herald, asserted that the calendar is the culmination of tremendous cooperation and represents years of research. “Scientific data goes against Aryan invasion idea. What was perpetrated by colonial historians is about race, supported by racial supremacy,” Sen added.

“Aryan is (representative) of quality of human intellect, the quality of culture and human civilisation. Aryan might be everywhere in the globe, is not a race, but a great human being with finest qualities,” he stressed. Sen added that exactly like in the period of Galileo, many in the realm of science are orthodox and work with older notions.

Susanta Das, executive committee member of, Indian History Congress, and a professor of history at Rabindra Bharati University declared that all renowned historians concur on the Aryan advent. Das added that ideas opposing to what’s accepted, are distortions frequently perpetuated by the right side.

Adhyapak Sanhati Mancha, a platform representing professors of higher education institutes in West Bengal, on Wednesday, wrote to the IIT, requesting that CEIKS be closed. Citing its many activities, Mancha said that the Centre is a “threat to the notion of scientific and secular education”.

The IIT Kharagpur’s centre that co-produced the calendar, claims that demands are flooding in not just from ministries and institutions from throughout India but also from students, researchers and professionals from across the globe.

While a segment of academicians had raised doubts, and the move was perceived as one towards “saffronisation” of education, the IIT’s centre has stood behind the research it has carried out, the calendar is simply one representation of the same. That has no association with being an Arya,” he added, adding that sales might reach 10,000 copies, given the fact that there is a significant reaction from government offices from around the nation. The money received would go to funds for needy students,” Professor Joy Sen, Head, Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems (CEIKS) (co-producer of the calendar), IIT Kharagpur, stated.

Besides talking about Vedas, reinterpreting Indus Valley civilization, what’s stirring people’s curiosity is the ‘rebuttal to the Aryan invasion’, with pieces of proof.

“Students, researchers, specialists, throughout the world, are intrigued because it has opposed colonial orthodoxy for the last 150 years.

Sen stated that although initial estimates showed that 4,000-5,000 prints may be bought. A PC version of the calendar was available on Amazon on January 2 and is priced at Rs 300. A wall calendar is also due shortly. Around 1,000 prints have already been ordered in one day. They (foreign theorists) are trying to prove, again again, using genetics research. Thousands of individuals of diverse racial backgrounds have arrived and gone out.