Zombie Reddy

If you watch ‘Zombie Reddy’ delete scene..‌ you will not be able to stop laughing

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Making a Zombie Zoner movie for the first time in Telugu is an adventure. Prashant Verma, who presents a variety of stories in his own brand, directed the film. The first Telugu zombie movie ‘Zombie Reddy’ came out in front of the audience. Young hero Teja Sajja, Anandi and Daksha Nagarkar played the lead roles while Prithviraj, Getup Sheen, Hemant, Harshavardhan, Adurs Raghu and Annapoornamma played the lead roles. The movie was released on February 5 and impressed the audience of Telugu states. Currently streaming as the popular OTT Aha platform from the 26th of this month.

The movie Zombie Reddy, which is being streamed on Aha, has already been viewed by many. With this, they are promoting the film in O Range. ‘Aha’ shared a deleted scene in the film. While Teja tries to tell the truth to his son-in-law RJ Hemant, the scene where Anandi interrupts is fun. You also watch that interesting scene.