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If you apply these 5 positive habits that will change your life forever in this Lockdown!

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Everybody in the pandemic outbreak is feeling anxious, and overcoming this situation is binge-watching shows and movies that are pending.

But have you thought that this is a golden opportunity to reboot your life? What I mean is instead of becoming a couch- potato, why don’t we use this time to develop some positive habits to change our lives forever?

Following are five positive habits to cultivate daily to change your life:

1.  Stop Playing the Victim:

Everyone has suffered from something wrong or worse in their lives. But this does not mean instead of moving forward; we will keep on complaining about whatever happened to us in our past.

There is no point in complaining or blaming someone or the situation. The past isn’t going to change. Instead, you can focus on yourself. Remember always that You Are in Charge of your life, you are in control. 

All you need to do is to take responsibility, take charge of your life. Whatever happened with you in your past was awful, but you can’t wait for someone to pick you up from your misery, you need to do that on your own! 

Your loved ones are going to show you the path, or show you there are a lot of things still out there that can be enjoyed. But on the road of self- healing, you need to walk alone, all by yourself. Nobody can do it for you.

2. Read Inspiring Books/ Blogs:

We all are well aware of the importance of reading. It is one of the best habits to develop if you wish to grow in your life, both mentally and spiritually. If you are a fiction lover, that’s alright. But we are not discussing the benefits of reading something in that genre. 

Reading inspiring books, say a biography, self- help books will have the most positive impacts on your lives.

I know sitting ideally for long hours, and reading is daunting for most of the people. What you can do is starting from something small, like any inspiring blogs, or you can make a habit of reading ten pages a day. 

Now you decide how you’re going to start. 

3. Practice the Habit of Daily Gratitude:

The world we are living in today is so fast. And we are running after unnecessary things, and complaining we don’t have enough! We have forgotten about the most precious thing we have, and that is our life. Nowadays, most of us, after waking, check our phones immediately, scroll through social media, and news, etc. What has happened to us?  

Is checking our phones so important than thanking God for your life? And this is the reason why most of us have failed relationships and ego issues not only with our partners or families but also with ourselves! 

Practicing daily gratitude will teach you the value of your life and your time. It will keep you grounded for your good. Say thanks for every single person, be it you or your partner, or family that you’re thankful for having them in your life, say it as you mean it! 

4. Meditate:

Here comes the most clichéd habit that you must have heard over and over again. But trust me, it works. Meditation is not hokum, as many people think that way. It is more like a way to discipline your mind from all the clutter it’s facing both insides out! 

While meditating, you focus on your breath, the way you inhale and exhale your concentration is on that. 

Meditation helps calm your subconscious as well as the conscious mind, helps it declutter your brain and soul from all the noises that are going inside you. 

Think it this way; if you love ice-cream and for some reason, you are having a bad day, and you get to eat your favourite ice-cream, you’ll feel an immense sense of calmness. 

So, meditation does this to your body, mind and helps you grow on a mental, emotional as well as spiritual level in a much healthier way than a tub of Baskin Robbins!

5. Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously: 

So we come to the last positive habit to develop, which is a summation of all the four habits written above. 

We are caught up in our lives so much that stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues are coming in our way, which is why we have forgotten to include fun also in our daily routine.

We complain about so many things and are very serious about everything. We have forgotten how fun we used to be in our childhood. When we got injured or fell, we used to cry for a while, then back on our feet running here and there, giggling and enjoying ourselves! 

As we grew older, we became serious. Doing things that will require less to minimum risks has brought us nowhere but made us like zombies. 


We all are in isolation, and it’s the best time to work on ourselves to become a better human being again. And if you start developing these five positive habits as mentioned above, then I can guarantee you’ll be happier than before, a better version of yourself. 

You have only One Life; don’t waste it in worrying and complaining all the time!

Do let us know in the comment section what your thoughts on this article are, do you find it helpful in any way?