Identical Twins

Identical Twins: What is the mystery behind identical twins, towards a scientific solution

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From the human body to its morals, the determination of genes is determined and changes by that. Many human health problems arise at the level of genes, and their solution is also sought at the same level. In a new study, scientists have achieved a great deal of information regarding identical twins. They have discovered the unique DNA signals of such twins, which will now know how a zygote splits in the womb. It is expected that this will also help in dealing with the problems related to identical twins.

These scientists from the Netherlands have detected epigenetic DNA signals in identical twins. Scientists know that identical twins are formed by splitting a fertilized egg and sperm into two embryos of the same zygote. But they did not see why this process of division happened.

Old belief completely rejected
He was trying for a long time to solve this medical mystery. This new study has shown that the division of the embryo is probably due to nongenetic reasons. Earlier, this division was believed to be irregular and erratic. But this study has wholly rejected this belief.

It Will help in understanding many disorders
Scientists have shown through the epigenetic signals identified in this study that a person’s DNA can be tested with 80 percent accuracy to tell whether they were identical twins or not. This discovery will help scientists to increase the understanding of many genetic disorders.

What a great discovery!
Doret Boumsma, professor of biological psychology at Vraj University in Amsterdam, who led the study, said that this is a huge discovery. This is the first time that biological traces of this process have been detected in humans. Its explanation is not in the genome but in the epigenome.

Epigenome is important
Scientists say this investigation can tell whether a person had lost his monozygous twin brother or sister during his mother’s early pregnancy. The epigenome is made up of control factors that affect the expression of a commodity by surrounding genetic material.

How does Epigenome work?
The scientists went on to explain that if a keyboard’s letter A is a gene. It knows what to type when activated, the epigenetic control element would be like the shift button in this case, which could affect whether How would the letter A be typed, capitalized, or lowercase, or in the case of a gene expression, how would a gene be expressed.

This study was published in Nature Communications. The biggest thing this investigation has told is whether a person had an identical twin. This information is written in his DNA itself. There is still a lot of work to be done in this matter to be clearly known how and how much these discovered signs are related to genetic disorders.