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Hurricane in the US gave the knock, 3000 flights cancel.

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New York, Hurricane knocked on the east coast of America for a second time in less than a week, due to which more than 2,600 flight services were affected. The voices of electric shock were heard in the area during the storm.

From the Philadelphia to New York City, about 5 million people were affected by the power supply stalled. According to the report, a teacher from the Secondary School in New Jersey suffered a fall in power but survived. According to News Media, the authorities have urged the people to stay at home.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning of the storm on Thursday morning. The Meteorological Department says there can be one feet or more snowfall in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City. According to media reports, New York City may have up to eight to 12 inches snowfall. More than 2,600 flight flights have been canceled on Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Newark and New Jersey airports.