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Hunters went hunting for rhinos. Lion’s herds made their diet.

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Johannesburg, Hunting the rhinos in a sanctuary in South Africa caused three predators to be overwhelming when the lions made them their food. These three people had arrived at the Sibuya Game Reserve on Monday morning, they had a rifle and a ax. Reserve’s owner Nick Fox (60) said on Thursday, “They wandered among the lions group – they were a large herd, and they did not have much time. We do not know how many lions actually were there – the very little part of their body left. There were clothes of three people there. I have never heard this before in this area. ‘

Fox told that the forensic officers of the police are investigating the remains of the dead after reaching the spot. They said, ‘We went on Wednesday – we called the veterinarian to give anesthesia to all the lions. I think we were lucky that the lions made them their prey before making hunting prey their prey. We lost three rhinos in March 2016. ‘

Due to hunting, there are only 25,000 rhinos left in the African jungles. In China, Vietnam and other Asian countries, they are hunting because of the demand of rhinos bones. Fox points out that despite the incident the reserve will be kept open for tourists. He said, ‘It is working like normal days, we have not changed anything.’