Human trafficking is very common in India: Teenager sold from Bengal to Ghaziabad several times.

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Ghaziabad, Police in search of a missing teenager from Howrah of West Bengal has exposed the black business of human trafficking and flesh trade spread from Ghaziabad to Meerut. The teenager had a deal in the package and it was sold many times in the middle of the NCR from Bengal. West Bengal Police arrested seven gang members from Nandgram on Tuesday with the help of alpha team formed by Sihani Gate police station and SSP and released two girls from their clutches. Among them is a missing teenager and a girl from Jharkhand. Three accused have already been arrested from Bengal.

Police of both states conducted joint action and arrested the accused from Nandagram. They have four women and 3 men. He has been identified as Bharti Sharma, Sonia, Santo, Ruchi, Rakesh, Mukesh and Ravendra. CO Aathish Singh told that the West Bengal Police will take the accused along with the transit remand.

A Missed Call And Destroyed Life
The 17-year-old teen, resident of Howrah, was rescued from the possession of the gang told that through a missed call he was identified with a man named Asharfula. The two things started to happen. Asharfula is originally from Tamil Nadu. He told himself very rich The victim came to her hoax and escaped with her on April 4. The case is registered in Howrah’s Ulebariya police station. Teenager says that Ashraful left him with his friend named Babu. Two days later, Babu had reached Ghaziabad by blaming him for marrying in Delhi.

The package was in the deal
According to the Bengal police, it has been revealed in the interrogation that Babu had deal with teenager teenager for Rs 30 thousand. The next day he was sold at Rs 70 thousand in Meerut. After this, he was sold once again in Ghaziabad for 30 thousand rupees. In this entire purchase, Bharti Sharma, Sonia and her husband Rakesh were chiefly involved. The teenager was given as a package to many people. These people made a body trade between Meerut and Ghaziabad between them. The victim would be kept in Meerut for a few days, then Ghaziabad for some days. Opponents were attacked. Babu, his wife and Ashraf have already been arrested.

Girls coming from Bengal and North East
Police told that the agents of the gang used to smuggle girls from West Bengal and North East states here. The brides of merchandise traders spread from Ghaziabad to Meerut, they bought these girls for 20 to 40 thousand rupees. They did not have many times the deal. Every time the quote went up and reached five lakh rupees.

Many girls found there
One of the victims told that there were many other girls besides her. Every girl was sent with 5-6 men daily . The gang members received money and kept in their control. West Bengal police said that there were some more girls in the raid, but they refused to say anything. In this case they have not been included in the case.

CO Aatish Singh reported that after the arrest of Ashraf and Babu in West Bengal, a team from there came to Ghaziabad. Here’s information that the gang members are hiding in Meerut. However, the accused had already got information about the police action. Those people had hidden in Nandagram. With the help of Ghaziabad police, the West Bengal Police arrested the accused.