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Human History: How did our ancestors make clothes for themselves? Scientists find the answer hidden in the caves

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Human History: You must also have the heart to know, how would our ancestors wear clothes thousands and millions of years ago? How would they make them? Now understand that the answers to all your questions have been found inside a Moroccan cave. Some such tools have been found in the cave, which would have been used to sew human clothes.

It is believed that Homo sapiens started wearing clothes about 1 lakh 70 thousand years ago. But this is the oldest tool ever found in a cave in Morocco, which our ancestors must have used for sewing their clothes. This tool is at least 90,000-1,20,000 years old. Dr. Emily Hallett of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany has said that the tools found in the cave are made of bone.

In Human history, Tools were made of bones

The instruments that scientists have found from a Moroccan cave are believed to be 90,000 to 120,000 years old. In such a situation, Emily Yuko Hallett, a postdoctoral scientist in the research group, says that she was researching it, but she did not expect such a discovery. While searching for animal bones, he got this tool. The team of researchers has found 62 bone tools, which were polished and smoothed. Not only this, the remains of wolves, foxes, and wild cats have also been found on them. This research has been published in I Science Magazine.

Clothes made of fur and fur
The team of researchers has found bones of many animals around here, seeing which it does not seem at all that they have been released after eating. Such patterns have never been found in caves before. In such a situation, the archaeologist will do further research on this. It was already discovered that ancient humans started wearing clothes 1 lakh 70 thousand years ago. Although sewing garments with the help of needles and thread started 40 thousand years ago from now. In such a situation, discovering a tool from 1 lakh 20 lakh years ago is a significant discovery in itself.