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Hubie Halloween – Netflix’s Most Popular

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Netflix is showing such good growth that no one was hoping for. This lockdown and pandemic made people go for Netflix even more. And it is too taking the advantage of this situation. It is releasing new series, new movies, and whatnot. And as per the recent news, Hubie Halloween is now the most popular movie of the year.

Hubie Halloween is a movie by Adam Sandler. And he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. This movie is a horror-comedy movie. And in the United States, it is now the most popular movie.

No show is even near the popularity of the movie. Even shows like FRIENDS, Stranger Things, and many more are left behind. This movie came on Netflix on October 6. And in the same Adam Sandler is playing the role of a town dunce. He is a person who loves the festival Halloween. And in the movie, he tries his best to take care of the celebration. And along with the celebration that inhabitants of Salem stay safe.

Although, it did not do good on Rotten Tomatoes. As it gave only a 51% score to the movie.

Hubie Halloween divided critics, scoring 51 percent on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

Reviews of Hubie Halloween

One of the reviews of the movie says, “Overall, Hubie Halloween is a likable movie. It is fun despite everything. It will make you laugh, and will keep you hooked for every one of those 100 minutes. There are worse ways to spend time.”

Adam Sandler also worked in many other movies. These movies include The Ridiculous 6, Murder Mystery, The Meyerowitz Stories, and the award-winning Uncut Gems for Netflix.

Along with this, he worked in many more movies. And he usually works in comedy movies. His movies are always worth a watch and funny too.