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Huawei is planning to launch own Operating System, Trademark filed in 9 Countries.

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Huawei, a tech company of China, has filed a trademark file with at least 9 countries in Europe for its ‘Hongmeng’ operating system. According to data from UN body, after getting a US ban and canceling an Android license, Huawei is preparing his mobile OS as a backup plan for his smartphone business. Actually, due to cancellation of Android licenses, the Android operating system can not use their smartphones, and this has also affected the business model of Huawei.

Last month, the Trump government blacklisted the Huawei, which means that no American company can do business with Huawei. Also, any parts or services made in the US can not be used in their products. Companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm and Microsoft have stopped giving services to Huawei after this ban. This is the reason why the world’s largest telecom gear maker Huawei has decided to trademark its OS in many countries.

According to the data from the UM World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Huawei has filed a trademark file of its ‘Hongmeng’ mobile operating system in countries such as Cambodia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand. The country’s anti-trust agency Indecopi said that the company has given an application on 27th May in Peru. Richard Yu, the Consumer Division CEO of the firm had said in the past that due to the ban, the software created in the US is not being able to use its backup OS.

As per the information found so far, the operating system for Huawei will be compatable for all Android apps and the app can be imprinted just like Chrome OS. Samsung has also tried to do the same with Tizen earlier. The OS of Huawei from Samsung is different in that it will completely replace Android with the device and will not be based on Android. Due to the rapidly growing popularity of Huawei and the large global userbase, the company would like to bring this OS soon.