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How to be productive during lockdown in 7 different ways

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Right when we think the pandemic – induced lockdown is coming to an end, the government announces another lockdown. I’m pretty sure there are so many people who are not even bothered at this point. So, why waste time sulking about something that’s not going to happen soon. Instead, here are 7 great ways to pass time and be productive right now so you can work better when the lockdown is lifted.

• Develop your skills

Add another feather to your hat. There is a huge variety of webinars, online conferences, and courses that are being conducted right now. Most of them are absolutely free of cost. So, go and sign up for a few in the field of your interest to grow towards your dream career.

• Get fit

This year is the best time to keep your New Year’s resolution. Take this time to concentrate on rejuvenating your mind and body. Exercise, do yoga, meditate for a while. Give your body and mind the rest they deserve and the workout they need.

• Read

Hands down the best way to build your vocabulary is reading. There are so many books out there that are worth reading. Stop procrastinating, this is the right time to read the book you’ve always wanted to. Use this time wisely to build your literary intake.

• A new hobby

May it be singing, dancing, gardening, learning a musical instrument or a new language, listening to podcasts, tap into the inner talents and own it. This is the best time to work on your hobbies. Learn something new everyday.

• Quality time with family

The lockdown may be a boon to most of the people out there wanting to spend some quality with their family. Dust off those old board games and put them to use!

• Help people

The novel coronavirus pandemic lockdown has affected many people. The floods and other natural calamities have left many people stranded. So the best thing you can do right now is lend a helping hand to people. Help those in need by donating to authentic agencies and making masks at home. There are many donation drives where you can donate money.

• Sleep

We all have neglected sleep in the past years due to busy and hectic work schedules. Now that we’re home, we have plenty of leisure time so use it in the right way. Give your body enough rest to take on another day’s tasks- but make sure you sleep less than 8 hours, the day awaits you!