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How schools are going to change in the current ongoing pandemic situation?

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As well all know, the current situation has put everything to a halt. Schools are being shut down and the government is asking the students to stay indoors. With the lockdown nearly ending, every sector is looking forward to opening up its gate. But as we are all aware of the pandemic, the numbers are not looking to stop. All parents might be thinking of one thing and that is, how are they going to help their children get back to school again. 

With the help of this article, we will help you to know how schools are preparing to open up the sector as a whole. 

The Corona virus pandemic is going to change the way we live life

The pandemic is surely going to change the way we see and view life. Along with everything, we all know that we have to get going on the streets with the use of masks and gloves, along with a pouch of sanitizer. 

The school authorities are halting to kick-start and they are promoting the use of the same so that the students can learn and comply. The new premise and future will be a lot more different. 

Since the lockdown, most of the schools have resorted to online classes. So can we say that 2020 will see a forge in the online activities? 

Surely we can. 2020 is all going to be about the digitalised method and the use of extensive devices to help us stay connected with one another. 

Online classes are going to be the new rue of the people. Students are encouraged to attend more online classes these days so that their curriculum can be completed. Teachers are asked to adapt to new methods of teaching so that it can help all the students to get guidance from them. 

Encouragement is also done with the help of videos and activities are done online. Most of the schools and colleges are asking students to present their homework in the form of a creative line. Like higher English medium schools are asking students to present their homework with the use of showing what talent they possess. It is a fun way to engage the mind of the student and keep them entertained amidst the lockdown. 

It can help all the students to learn new skills and practice their social distancing while they stay at home. 

Precautionary steps taken by schools to help children resume their daily classes. 

  1. Number of students

There will be around 30-35 students allowed in a classroom. The usual count of students present in a classroom used to be more, around 60 for an average day. But the new rules have counted for a lesser amount of students who are needed to attend the class at the same time. Teachers are asked to keep a stern look at the roll call and their name for attendance. 

  1. Attending the school in shifts

According to the new rules, the health ministry is asking for social distancing even in the shift. Teachers and students are asked to attend the classes in two different shifts. This will be done in two-timing. One is for the morning shift and the other one is for the afternoon. The teachers are even asking the parents to send their students in equal halves. One half of the class will attend and the other half will be sitting and attending with the help of online protocols. This will repeat until other orders are proclaimed. 

  1. Classes should have no AC and other regulations

Teachers are asked that there should be no switching on ACs during the active classroom. Students will be called on an even and odd basis and they are encouraged to submit their home assignments. Classes should always be disinfected and sanitized before the students enter. There should be completely health protocols followed around the premises of the school. There will no function held at the premise of the school. These activities are suspended as gathering together in a single place can cause a breach of social distancing. Teachers are asked to keep close monitoring of what happens during class hours. 

  1. Masks and student health protocols

Every student should wear a face mask and then enter the school premise. If they are not seen wearing a mask then they can be asked to send back home. Some schools are taking the measure to hand over masks to those students who forget to bring their own. On the other note, every student must carry a sanitizer right with them. After touching or interacting with someone, they are asked to open the lid of the bottle and sanitize their hand. This is a mandatory procedure that all the schools are asked to look out for. 

  1. Food stalls are not allowed

Most schools have a cafeteria or food stalls. But as they can create a public congregation, they are asked to be temporarily halted. This means that after the schools resume their service, every student has to bring home-cooked meals. There are benches that are marked under their name and they have to sit accordingly. These benches are to be cleaned for the second shift of students to come over. 

These health and safety measures are extremely important towards a promising start. We all are being hampered with the battle that the whole world is fighting. But if we stand strong and come together, we can win this and come our glorious. 

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