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How do get out of the friend zone? Reverse psychology tricks to get out of the friend zone…

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Most of the teenagers out there will agree being friend-zoned hurts more than a breakup. Because it’s like you spend so much time with the person you like but there’s still nothing that’s going to go on between the two of you. It is difficult to just be friends with someone you really really like. So, recently I helped my friend to get out of the friend zone by sharing some tips with her and I’m not kidding, it actually worked. I’m going to share seven steps to do to get out of the friend zone.

• Don’t give them all your time and attention

Don’t be available for them 24/7 and let them take you for granted. You’re a boss, and you deserve to be treated right. Quit the “I’m always here for you” and “I’ve got your back”. This may seem weird but guys and girls have one person of the opposite gender who they talk to about their crush. Do not be that friend! Why chase when you’re the catch? Let them come to you too. There should be mutual respect. Let them work hard for you

• Avoid being overly nice

You don’t have to be Miss Goody two shoes to get someone to like you. It’s rare for people to crush on someone who allows themselves to be treated like doormats. Let them do their own work. Don’t do stuff for them right when they ask you to. Do not let them take your kindness for your weakness.

• Ask them to do something nice for you

People LOVE feeling valuable. They love to feel wanted and mattered. For example, if you can’t reach something, ask him/her for help. When it’s cold, don’t hesitate to borrow their hoodie. It’ll spark romantic feelings because they’ll feel like they can protect you and help you. This also stops it from being one-sided. Both need to put in an equal amount of effort.

• Flirt slowly

Don’t always be a fun friend. Try flirting sometimes. You can start by complimenting them or their physical appearance. Call them cute nicknames. Don’t come off too strong. Be you. Make eye contact or physical contact. Let them chase you so they know that you’re much more than just a best friend.

• The sooner the better

Don’t spend a lot of time in the friend zone. Believe me, it’s a quicksand, the longer you wait, the more you’re stuck into it. You need to pull up your socks and act fast so they don’t get attached to you as a friend and perceive you in that way only.

• Take control

Share all your positive stories with them, asking them for their support. This will help you see if they are going to support you just like you support them. This also gives you a chance to know if they really like you.

• Get rid of the nervous energy

Keep your calm when you’re with him. Stop those tiny butterflies in your stomach. Keep your cool and be relaxed. I know it’s difficult because it’s a big deal for you, but you should seem chill.

I really hope these tips and tricks help you too. Go get your man/woman.