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Housefull for a week as Italy’s first sex doll brothel opens.

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Rome, Italy has become very popular with the opening of the first Sex Doll Brothel. According to the news published in the Daily Mail, it started on Monday and with the opening itself, it became a house full for a week. The beauty of this brothel is that there is also a male sex doll with female sex doll. There are several options for customers coming here, in which they can choose the option according to their choice and budget.

The price for different sex couples is different. You may have to spend 80 euro to spend half an hour with Lumidolls Torino. Customers with a silicon doll will be completely realistic. For women, the number of female sex couples is 7 and one is sex coup. Penis size of mail sex doll can be changed according to your convenience.

The price of these sex couples is 1,800 to 2,000 euros and after 2 hours of use, they are cleaned completely. Customers can choose their own doll clothes here too. Not only this, the size of which size they want and in what position they can decide themselves too. The statement issued from the brothel has said that in all positions the dolls are available. The number of positions that have been interpreted in Kamasutra, almost all will be found here.